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Hello, my name is Francisco and I work as a freelance software engineer and external consultant.

I have over 20 years of professional experience and always knew that programming was my passion. Since a very early age I invest my time to learn more and more.

Over the last few years, I've been managing some development teams in large-scale projects, providing some consultancy as a software architect where I helped to create and improve solutions and solve problems, but above all developing tailored software solutions for clients who entrusted me to address their issues and solve their problems.

I currently work as a freelance software engineer, creating and managing development teams to build custom software. I also as an external consultant in some software houses in order to help solve her problems. Lastly I work as a trainer where I love to transmit knowledge to other people.

Since 2020 I coordinate the WebDevelopment course at ETIC and since 2022 I am responsible for the Web Practices II subject in the Master of New Media at UNL.

Throughout my journey I have already used a lot of technologies and programming languages. I have already developed for all kinds of devices and purposes. From web and mobile development to creating software for embeded systems.

I am a fan of good software development practices and methodologies, and I have this concern in all the projects where I am involved.

I'm a declared geek, passionate about all technology things. In my free time I like to play video games.

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